ReFresh: A Bath Bomb For The Shower


A no mess, easy to use alternative to Bath Bombs. SHOBU brings wellbeing back into the home by turning the shower into a sanctuary of tranquillity and wellbeing through natures pharmacy.

​As with all Aromatherapy, your body will respond to what you actually need. SHOBU tablets are designed to melt away leaving no residue, oils or colour in the shower, whilst leaving you with a wonderful natural aroma that fills the air for hours afterwards, so that you can relive the feeling as you prepare for the day or evening ahead.

A refreshing mix of Nutmeg and Ginger, to refresh the body after the working day or that intense gym session.

If – You need an invigorating lift to take you into the evening.

When – Use in the afternoon or evening, ready for a night out with friends, or just to refresh after a long day.

Why – Ginger aids in rejuvenation and stimulates high spirits. Nutmeg is invigorating as it warms the emotions, promoting a sense of comfort and wellbeing.

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