Nourish: A Treat For Hands & Feet


A Treat For Hands & Feet has been designed with our own ACTIVEHEEL Technology for that Luxury Manicure & Pedicure Experience, in the comfort of your own home.

We spent so long on our feet last year, that we needed something to give us a lift and so A Treat for Hands & Feet was designed, to not only SOOTHE & SMOOTH, but to use all the power of Nature through Aromatherapy to enhance our wellbeing.

The tablets dissolve in water really quickly and you can feel how instantly your skin becomes softer and smoother, whilst the power of Aromatherapy works to help COOL, REVIVE or NOURISH you. Sit back and enjoy.

Camomile – naturally used for centuries to relax and calm the body.

Known for its high anti-oxidant benefits, Clove oil is known as the ultimate protective herb as it helps to fight bacteria.

Cardamom oil can help to renew skin cells, reduce signs of ageing and protect against environmental damage and the Suns UV rays.

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