Norse Beard Oil – Citrus


Norse citrus beard oil is the end result of years of experimentation by a dedicated team of bearded men. The blend of oils packed full of carefully selected essential oils will tame and soften your beard leaving it itch free and smelling great.

With the Citrus Beard Oil Norse wanted to create a scent that evoked relaxing Mediterranean holidays year round whilst at the same time maximising benefits of essential oils used, which are Lemon, which boosts energy and alertness, Sweet Orange which improves mood. Tea Tree Oil, which aids in healing, and Cedar Wood, smells great and reduces dry flaky skin by improving circulation.

Directions for use:

Towel dry your freshly washed beard, then massage the oil into your beard starting at the base of the hair, start with 2-3 drops and add more if you have a thicker/longer beard or you feel like you need it.

One Size: 50ml

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