Norse Beard Balm – Woodsman


Our 100% nautrual Norse beard balm is an effective way to add style and definition to your beard.  The product is essentially our beard oil bound together with Shea butter and beeswax, resulting in a well-nourished beard that will hold a style throughout the day.

The Woodsman range of products smell great and the essential oils used are, Peppermint which reinvigorates, Tea Tree Oil which aids in healing, Cedar Wood which smells great and reduces dry flaky skin by improving circulation and Sandalwood which is a great smelling natural antiseptic and anti-inflamitory.

Directions for use:

  • Towel dry your freshly washed beard,
  • Remove a small amount of the beard balm with the back of your finger nail and warm it by rubbing between your fingers,
  • Massage the balm into your beard,
  • Style your beard,
  • Look great, smell great, feel great.

Comes in one size: 1oz / 28g 



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